That shiver inside

What do you do when you’ve been honest and yourself in every way you know how, only to find someone questioning your honesty?

I don’t know, nor do I know how to squash the hurt that sprung forth because of it. I think tonight it is early to bed.

Either way, I miss the catharsis of using this blog, and hopefully I can provide more frequent, more varied updates, rather than reserving it for times of sadness. Here’s hoping I can do just that.


~ by fiddlecub on March 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “That shiver inside”

  1. You can only control your own actions. You have no control over what others think or do. It’s unfortunate that someone doubts your honesty, but as long as you know you’re right you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

  2. I have had similar messages in regards to my personals ads, where I lay it all out. It’s a wall of text, but on the other hand, all my cards are on the table, so people know exactly what they are and are not getting.

    My best advice would be to add this person to your mental ‘Dead to me’ list and move on. If he doesn’t believe in your honesty, then do you really want to associate with him in any way?

    Surround yourself with people who understand you, not people who criticize you in a non-constructive way.

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